Helppp Meeeee


Anyone Know Any Diet Pills That you Do Not Need Parent Concent To Buy?!

Helpp Meee & Quick My Parents Are Making Me Eat And Im Getting Fatter!

Need All The Help I Can Get!

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Im New =]
I Live In The UK Soo Anymore Uk Girliess Here Love To Chat!..
Any Tips Or Would Like To Know More About My ED I WIll Be On Here Constantly As I Cannot Talk To Family Or Friends About My ED As They Dont Know =[ ..

Wb Pleaseeee..
Think Thin _


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hey everyone.

I just got diet pills called Redline
Does anybody know if they work?

I hope everyone is doing well.

I have nothing much to say.
So I'll talk to you all later.


Hey, i'm Jessica, 21 from massachusetts. I've been rollercoster dieting since i was about 18, and my weight has fluctuated from 140 to 180 for a long time. i havn't been above 165 in about a year now, tho. I really hope by joining this community it will give me enough inspiration to lose enough weight to reach my goal of 120.
Right now i'm doing a 2 day complete fast with nothing but water and tea, and starting tuesday i'll work in steemed vegetables and chicken broth, and then eventually a 300 to 500 calorie supper for the rest of the month.
I'll be jogging or doing 2 hours at the gym every other day for the rest of the month and all of next month. If anyone needs an aim or e-mail buddy, i'm "murdererrrrrr" on aim.

Name: jessica
CW: 157
STWG: 142 lbs by 9/5/2006
LTWG: 120 lbs by 10/20/2006
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Hey everyone sorry about dissapearing for a while.

I'm at 117 now and it's frustrating me.I have to stop the B/P.

This week I'm determined.
I'm getting Trial Trust this week so then I'll beable to skip dinner.

Plan till Thursday:
Breakfast-16oz Lactaid milk,16oz tea,6oz Light n Fit yougurt

Lunch-1 1/2 cups lettuce,2 Tbsp FF Tamato Vinegrette,16 Crystal Light

Dinner-1 1/2 cups lettuce,2 Tbsp FF Tamato Vinegrette,16 tea


star tip!!!

i learnt how to diet like the stars today!!! i.e victoria beckham, kate bosworth and nicole richie!!!
you start by eating for 4 weeks (one month)
one peice of fruit for breakfast
a leaf salad (no dressing) with vinegar and a small portion of protein for dinner
and steamed vegetables with protein for tea...
that comes to under 1000 calories,,, if you drink 6 glasses of water a day with this the weight should technically 'fall off' lol ...
then after the month you cut out protein for a week...
so you have no fat, or carbs...
and have 2 peices of fruitfor breakfast
you then repeat this till you are tiny weeny thin!!!!
im going to try this starting tomorrow... if anyone also wants to test this with me please feel free to do so...
(obviously you need to do some excercise too)
a 20 minute walk before breakfast
some skipping with a rope for as long as you can mines about 7 mins then i die ... before dinner
and 50 sit ups AFTER tea
and this will burn up most of the food listed above especially on the no carb no protein week!
good luck
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well this weekendwas absolutely great because i really enjoyed myself, but... i let myself gain a bit again
i hate these first cupple of pounds to lose they are always so hard to get rd of.
i swear t god now i wont fuck up again no food 2moro... or wednesday if i can avoid it.water water water ...
and my luffly vinegar :) (it really stops hunger)
but gud luck everyone else
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